Being a renegade takes courage and spunk, especially if a woman, as one becomes less and less imprisoned by the fear. I’ve pushed so many boundaries over the years walked away from toxic relationships and as a consequence immediate family disown me.

I’ve taken it all on the chin, as people pleasing at the expense of oneself is not an option. I used to be and paid the price personally (with my mental health) till I said enough and walked away.

My spontaneous kundalini rise in 1986 turned my then life upside down. I chose to shift countries to begin again on my own. I was 39.

My first year alone here in Australia was challenging for I was lonely, yet I quickly became settled in being alone. Loneliness faded as I found FREEDOM in pleasing myself, finding work in the city I lived in was challenging for I’d been in business in NZ for many years.

Returning to the salaried workforce I found constricting as I love freedom I remarried and outgrew that too as my spiritual life was more important to me than anything else and my partner was unsupportive.

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Free again I found myself travelling in early 2000s to UK and Europe USA eastern Canada and Jamaica. I lived in the Isle of Man for 9 years and returned to Australia in 2011.

I’ve been in Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia ever since self-healing and during this time met my Twin Flame Ray whom I’ve written of many times, especially in the last 8 months. Divine placement had us living next door to each other! We had a largely great loving relationship for 7 years with normal TF ups and downs as such relationships are very intense.

Ray died suddenly last August 2022 and while a very sad time the resultant soul merge last year and physical body merge in March 2023 has become one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. We journey on together as one. So being a renegade has been a mixed bag of experiences these past 36 years, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

Self Transcendence Score: 72/80

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