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This article provides a basic understanding of prayer in relation to self-transcendence gives and a handy tip for the right mindset to have whilst formulating a prayer.

Prayer is a form of self-transcendence that involves connecting with something greater than oneself, such as God, nature, or the universe. It can help one to rise above the self and realize one’s full potential as a human being. It can also express praise, gratitude, and love for the Source and Goal of all existence. Prayer can be practised in different ways, such as reciting words, singing, meditating, or being silent. Prayer can be done individually or communally, depending on one’s preference and tradition. It can be a powerful technique to enhance one’s well-being, meaning, and values.

Is there a right way to prayer?

Prayer is a powerful tool for manifestation that helps you align with your higher power and your intentions. When you pray, you are not asking for something that you lack, but rather expressing gratitude for what you already have and what you are about to receive. By thanking your higher power for the gifts you shall receive, you are creating a positive energy that attracts more abundance and love into your life. Instead of troubling your higher power with your fears and worries, you are trusting that they will guide you and support you in your journey. Prayer is a way of Co-creating your reality with your higher power.

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