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The higher-self is a term that refers to the aspect of our consciousness that transcends the ego and connects us with the divine source of all that is. The higher-self is not a separate entity, but rather a higher level of awareness that allows us to access our true nature and potential. The higher-self is often described as our soul, our spirit, or our inner guide.

An extension to this concept is that there are actually multiple higher-selves that an individual can draw on. Each occupying higher levels of our consciousness. The higher-self therefore is a term which can relate to multiple aspects of the self. With the term meaning that this is the next, most accessible higher-self aspect. Some of those higher-self aspects are often called archetypical-selves or “flames”, and one of those flames, often referred to as the “twin-flame”, or “divine opposite”.

One of the main goals of spirituality is to explore the concept of the higher-self and align ourselves with its guidance and wisdom. By doing so, we can overcome the limitations and illusions of the ego and experience a deeper sense of meaning, purpose, and joy in life. The higher-self can help us to discover our true passions, talents, and gifts, as well as to heal our wounds and traumas. The higher-self can also inspire us to serve others and contribute to the greater good of humanity and the planet.

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There are many ways to explore the concept of the higher-self and cultivate a connection with it. Some of the most common methods include meditation, prayer, journaling, affirmations, visualization, intuition, dreams, synchronicities, and spiritual mentors. These practices can help us to quiet our mind, tune in to our heart, and listen to our inner voice. They can also help us to recognize the signs and messages that the higher-self sends us through various channels and circumstances.

Exploring the concept of the higher-self is not a one-time event, but rather a lifelong journey of growth and transformation. As we evolve and expand our consciousness, we can access higher levels of the higher-self and experience more profound insights and revelations. The higher-self is always with us, waiting for us to acknowledge its presence and invite it into our lives. By doing so, we can unlock our true potential and fulfil our divine destiny.

Higher-self and self-transcendence

The higher-self is often associated with spiritual traditions that emphasize the importance of self-transcendence, or the ability to go beyond our personal limitations and attachments. self-transcendence can be seen as a process of aligning our will and actions with the guidance and inspiration of our higher-self, which can lead to a sense of fulfilment, joy, and peace. Some ways to explore the concept of the higher-self and cultivate self-transcendence are:

  • Meditation: This is a practice that helps us quiet our mind and access a deeper level of awareness. Meditation can help us tune in to our higher-self and listen to its messages and insights. This can also help us detach from our ego and its desires, fears, and judgments, and embrace a more compassionate and holistic perspective.
  • Dream Analysis: Through setting an intention before sleep, to meet with and work with the higher self, in some cases we can connect to the higher-self. So, it is possible to establish through our dream world a high level of communication with our higher-self and thus enable increased spiritual growth and transcendence.
  • Intuitive work: Through using our intuition, it’s possible to gain better insight into the messages our higher-self is trying to tell us. For example, via intuitive writing or art.
  • Divination techniques: through using divination techniques such as dowsing, tarot card reading and others, it is possible to receive messages from our higher self and form a better understanding of the messages our higher-self is trying to give us.
  • Creativity: This is the ability to generate new and original ideas, solutions, or expressions. Creativity can help us explore the concept of the higher-self by allowing us to tap into our intuition and imagination, which are sources of inspiration and guidance from our higher-self. It can also help us transcend our limitations and challenges by finding new ways to overcome them or learn from them.
Higher-self structures

As mentioned previously, many spiritual seekers come to understand that there is not one, but many higher-self aspects that they can connect to. This is part of our higher consciousness structure, and it relates to our understanding of how we each as individuals came into existence. To quote one seeker:

“In my mythology of self, my understanding is that I came into this reality as a “god-thought” of self, which created when my god-head spoke my name, and I entered this multiverse, initially as simply a unique thought. This thought of self then split into several archetypical aspects, which I call “flames”. One of those fames was my self-flame, another was my twin-flame, and other flames were also created. Each of these flames then created an over-soul, which in turn created multiple physical incarnations. I am one of those incarnations”

“In my journey to self-transcendence, I connected to each of those higher-self aspects and accepted them as self. One by one, I integrated them into my concept of self until I was able to pass back through the god-head and move my awareness back to “source” (heaven)”

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Meeting other incarnations of self

The idea of being able to meet other incarnations of our higher-self in the physical world is a fascinating and complex one. According to some belief systems, the higher-self is an infinite, eternal, omniscient, conscious, and intelligent being, who is one’s real self and who can incarnate in different forms and dimensions. Some people claim that they have encountered their higher-self or other aspects of their soul in various ways, such as through dreams, visions, synchronicities, or intuition.

However, meeting other incarnations of our higher-self in the physical world is not a common or easy experience. It requires a high level of awareness, perspective, and spiritual evolution to recognize and communicate with our other selves. It also involves transcending the limitations of time, space, and ego, and embracing the unity and diversity of our multidimensional nature.

Meeting other incarnations of our higher-self in the physical world can have profound implications for our personal and collective growth. It can help us to understand ourselves better, to heal past traumas, to access higher wisdom, and to expand our consciousness. It can also inspire us to live more authentically, compassionately, and creatively, and to align with our true purpose, meaning and potential.

Twin-flame reunion

One of the most fascinating and mysterious aspects of the spiritual journey is the concept of twin-flame reunion. A twin-flame is a soul that has split into two halves, one masculine and one feminine, and incarnated in different bodies. When these two halves meet in the physical world, they experience a profound connection and attraction that transcends any other relationship. They feel like they have found their true home and their missing piece.

However, meeting a twin-flame is not always easy or harmonious. Often, there are many challenges and obstacles that prevent or delay the reunion. These can include Karmic issues, personal fears, societal expectations, or spiritual lessons. The purpose of these difficulties is to help both partners grow and heal, and to prepare them for the ultimate union.

Some spiritual teachers suggest that twin-flame reunion is part of a larger plan to reunite with other aspects of our higher-self. Our higher-self is the part of us that is connected to the Source, the divine intelligence that created everything. It is also the part of us that transcends time and space, and can exist in multiple dimensions and realities.

According to this idea, we have many incarnations of our higher-self in different worlds and timelines, each with a different purpose and experience. Some of these incarnations may be very different from us, while others may be very similar. Others may be human, while others may be alien or angelic. Some may be living in the past, while others may be living in the future.

The goal of our spiritual evolution is to eventually merge with all these aspects of our higher-self, and to become one with the Source. This process can happen gradually or suddenly, depending on our level of awareness and readiness. Twin-flame reunion is one of the steps towards this ultimate integration, as it allows us to experience a higher level of love and consciousness in the physical world.

Twin-flame reunion is not a fantasy or a fairy tale. It is a real possibility for those who are willing to embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. It is also a gift and a responsibility, as it requires us to honour ourselves and our partner, and to serve the greater good of humanity and the planet. By meeting our twin-flame, we are not only fulfilling our personal destiny, but also contributing to the collective awakening of our higher-self.

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