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Personal self-transcendence – the complete guide

This page holds four theses which consolidate a number of established psychological and philosophical theories and models and combine them with new thought to propose a form of unified theory of the human mind, psychological disorder and healing. The objective of these theories is to provide the individual with information which may lead to new understandings of self, and their relationship with transcendence.

Each thesis is fully referenced, with philosophy dating back from thousands of years to the latest thinking of some of our greatest minds. In addition, a significant number of accepted psychological theories, and the research evidence which supports them, are included.

The first thesis is The Wholeness Theory of self-esteem. This explains the basic human condition, why we find ourselves to be empty inside, why we have little self-esteem and how to correct this.

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The second thesis, The Human Multiplicity Theory, follows on from this and explains the spiritual context to the human condition.

The third thesis, The Personal Transcendence Theory, explains in detail a complete self-transcendence journey.

Finally, the fourth thesis, The Jungian-based self-transcendence Therapy, explains in detail how these theories can be brought together to create a personalised self-transcendence healing therapy.

Note: These theories represent the thinking of one person who has studied psychology extensively and has brought together several established psychological theories together with their own to create a cohesive set of theories explaining human behaviour and spirituality, they should not be seen as anything official and have not been peer-reviewed or published in any established journals

Also, whilst this journey worked for me, I can’t guarantee it will work for you. Sorry about that 🙂

Thank you for reading this!

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