Studies have shown that self-transcendent people tend to have lower levels of inflammation. self-transcendence is a human capacity for well-being by expanding one’s personal boundaries and expressing concern for the welfare of others. It may act as a health-promoting resource among adults, especially in times of increased vulnerability. Some examples of self-transcendence are responding to others’ needs, being tolerant of differences, and reframing negative situations. self-transcendence can also improve emotional well-being by enhancing self-acceptance and self-regulation. Some references that support these findings are: – self-transcendence among adults 65 years and older: A meta-analysis (Haugan et al., 2021) – self-transcendence: A salutogenic Process for Well-Being (Reed & Haugan, 2021) – Greater self-acceptance improves emotional well-being (Harvard Health Publishing, 2016)

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