aretaic attributes are qualities or characteristics that relate to virtue ethics, a branch of moral philosophy that focuses on the development of moral excellence or human flourishing. aretaic attributes can be divided into two main types: intellectual virtues and moral virtues. Intellectual virtues are habits of mind that enable one to reason well and acquire knowledge, such as wisdom, prudence, and understanding. Moral virtues are habits of action that enable one to act well and achieve happiness, such as courage, justice, and generosity. They are not innate or fixed, but rather acquired and cultivated through practice and experience. aretaic attributes are also context-dependent and situation-sensitive, meaning that they require practical wisdom to apply them appropriately in different circumstances. aretaic attributes are the basis of a pure aretaic ethic, which holds that the notion of a character trait is primary and that valuable traits of character are necessary to live a good life in the fullest sense

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